Felix Winkelmann

embedded group Since 2002 I work as a software-developer with a special interest in application development. I took part in the conception, implementation and maintenance of various projects and could gather extensive experience in system-programming, the development of graphical user interfaces and in the processing of measurement data. I'm intimately familiar with a large number of programming languages and paradigms. I am particularly interested in the design and implementation of programming languages and compilers. I know the specifics of various development platforms and operating systems.
  • Application development:
    • Development of graphical user interfaces using a number of GUI-toolkits (Qt, FLTK, nano-X, SDL)
    • Socket programming
    • Processing and visualization of image- and measurement data
    • Development of distributed systems
  • Implementation of Linux development tools:
    • Design and development of build-systems for Linux with automatic checking of dependencies
    • Package-management software for embedded systems
  • Compilers:
    • Design and implementation of optimizing Lisp- and Scheme-compilers
    • Implementation of complex optimization algorithms
    • Design and implementation of macro- and module-systems
    • Type-systems and flow-analysis
    • Build-issues and support for portable build-systems
  • OpenSource software:
    • Created the CHICKEN project, a portable and efficient Scheme-compiler and interpreter
    • Development of a large number of extension libraries
other projects