Embedded Group

what Since the members of Embedded Group bring together experience in different areas, we can cover the whole range of embedded development, starting at the planning phase until production:
  • Training
  • IT Consulting, holistic project management
  • Selection of suitable hard- and software-components
  • Linux kernel development (drivers, ports, complete BSP)
  • Application development
  • User interface programming and design
  • Mikrocontroller-programming (8bit, bare metal, etc)
  • FPGA-programming
  • Automatic document-generation

With an average of 15 years of experience in the industry the following list includes just a selection of previous projects:

  • Development of components for the ESA research satellite Herschel and the German REceiver for Astronomy at Teraherz Frequencies GREAT
  • Chicken Scheme Compiler
  • Implementation of various softwaretools in the areas of Natural Language Processing and search-engine technology: SEMPRIA
  • Development of real time tools for digital TV: MPEG streaming multiplexer
  • and of course countless Linux-projects on a range of 32-bit architectures (ARM, x86, Blackfin, Coldfire, PowerPC, Xtensa, Hitachi SH4, NIOS, MIPS, ...)